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“If medicine wants to focus on prevention, there’s no better tool than nutrition.”
Dominic D’Agostino

Modified Ketogenic Diet for Autoimmune Disease Factsheet

Eating for your Mental Health

Why Choose ‘Organic’ or ‘Spray-Free’?

Autoimmune Healing Diet

  1. Healing Diet: Overview
  2. Healing Diet Part 1: A Green Foundation
  3. Healing Diet Part 2: CLEAN PROTEIN

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***UPDATE (26th Feb 2018): Currently my diet still follows many of the principles of traditional diets as detailed in this post but I have gone mostly vegetarian and cut out all meat and dairy. The only animal product I eat are eggs and seafood sometimes. I find that my rate of healing and levels of inflammation have improved significantly since starting this diet 4 months ago.

I am experimenting with and slowly transitioning to a mostly plant-based vegan diet.

In 3 months I am totally symptom-free and off all medication!! I truly believe I am ‘in remission. (I would very much like to use the word ‘cured’ but I hesitate as I know the symptoms will come back if I let myself “off the leash” for too long!) Full story here

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