First Meal Out on the AIP

28th March 2017 - AIP Day 78 First meal out with ma favourite people at our favourite BBQ stingray Coffeeshop!  Ordered: 1. Small BBQ stingray without the amazing sambal Chilli sauce 😭 (brought my own turmeric and pink salt instead) 2. Stir fried Kang kong and Kailan with garlic 3. Half a bowl of rice! … Continue reading First Meal Out on the AIP

AIP Reintro 2: GHEE!

AIP Day 68.3 GHEE! Oh ghee... When I smelled and tasted ghee for the first time, I was reminded of delicious popcorn lathered with butter... What is it? Ghee is basically butter that's been heated up to evaporate its water content. The proteins also separate from the fats and Ghee consists of the butter fats … Continue reading AIP Reintro 2: GHEE!

AIP Reintro 1: EGG YOLKS! (updated)

Day 60.1 After 60 days of eliminating all potentially immune triggering foods, I was really excited to reintroduce egg yolks again! For lunch I ate the yolk from a hard boiled free-range chicken (we call them 'kampong chickens' in Singapore 😂 'kampong' meaning village) egg by itself with a generous sprinkle of Pink Himalayan Sea … Continue reading AIP Reintro 1: EGG YOLKS! (updated)