W4D7 – Active Rest

Today is rest day but that doesn't mean complete bed rest! In fact, in my experience, active recovery may be more beneficial. If we think in terms of blood and lymph flow, movement helps promote circulation and this is more crucial for our lymphatic system in clearing metabolic waste since it doesn't have a heart … Continue reading W4D7 – Active Rest


W3D1 – Anaerobic

SWIMMING WarmUp (WU) - 2 laps easy 6 x 100m / 1-2' rest - 90% Cool Down (CD) - as long as you want 🙂 Freestyle one lap, breaststroke one lap. Freestyle was done about 1breath every 5 strokes and 1 breath every 3 strokes for breaststroke. Swim like a shark is chasing you! Heart … Continue reading W3D1 – Anaerobic

W1D1 (27.06.2015)

Week 1 Day 1 - Strength Day 3 sets of As Many Reps As Possible (AMRAP), done in a circuit 1. Inclined push-ups with knee on the floor (~10) 2. Reclined body-weight rows (10~12) 3. Pull-ups (1) 4. Standing Calf Raisers (~10) 5. Walking Lunges (15~20) 6. Hanging Leg lifts (~5) 7. Hanging oblique knee raise … Continue reading W1D1 (27.06.2015)