Intermediate Bodyweight Circuit 1 

Starting an archive of my workouts for anyone looking for workout ideas!

Training log: Week 12-19

It has been a long while since I posted any of these so this is a continuation from the past training log posts. Glad I continued to keep notes on these on my phone. Week 12 Kettlebell Thursday 9am - Swim 400-600m freestyle 10 Burpees 10 reclined rows 10 jumping lunges 10 jumping side-lunges Repeat … Continue reading Training log: Week 12-19


Q & A: Bodyweight exercises to get ripped?

"My hypothesis for workout is you gain when you are drained; meaning you lift heavy or light doesnt matter. As long as you are expended then you're good. So ppl advocate mid weight > high since chances of injury is reduced and you wont lose out or what not since the end goal is "drained". … Continue reading Q & A: Bodyweight exercises to get ripped?

W6D4 – Aerobic + Power Endurance 

Hours of Sleep: 3 (3:00-7:00) Sleep quality: 6/10 HRV: 79 Notes: Tried sleeping at 00:00 but couldn't. After an hour of frustration, I went about reading, doing some OSM and SMR and coming up with more ideas for the blog. I could have continued staying like this but at 2:30, I thought maybe it's time … Continue reading W6D4 – Aerobic + Power Endurance 

The Fitness Extremist’s Summer Workout Program!

Check out The Fitness Extremist! One of my best pals and uber-fit calisthenic, cross-fitting, ultramarathoning, kettlebell swinging extremist! The Fitness Extremist's Summer Workout Program! Follow this program and you will be whipped into shape this summer 😄

W3D2 – Strength

Calisthenics / Kettlebell 3 sets AMRAP (Reps in brackets) done in a circuit: Bodyweight pushups (15, 12, 12) Reclined bodyweight rows (15, 15, 15) Lunges with leg on bench behind (10, 12, 12) Hanging leg lifts (8, 8, 9) Cross-body mountain climbers - consecutive to opposite elbow then consecutively laterally to the outside of same … Continue reading W3D2 – Strength