Do you remember eating Hawthorn candy when you were a young child in Singapore? (Haw Flakes) This delicious candy is actually made from one of the best herbs for the heart! In western herbal medicine (Phytotherapy), Hawthorn is valued as a heart trophorestorative because it nourishes the heart muscle and has a regulating effect on … Continue reading Hawthorn


Galangal is a southeast asian herb that spread throughout Europe during the spice trade. St Hildegard called it “the spice of life” or “miracle root”. Galangal is used for heart pain, stroke, circulation (blood stagnation), fatigue, nausea, motion-sickness, dizziness and mild digestive issues (food poisoning). Modern research shows it has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-cancer, anti-hypertensive … Continue reading Galangal