“The Agony in The Garden”

This morning I was pleasantly surprised by my boss when he showed me one of his favourite posters as seen above!☝🏻 He was at a catholic bookshop when this caught his eye. It depicts the scene of the 1st Sorrowful Mystery of the Holy Rosary where Jesus went into the Garden of Gethsemane to pray … Continue reading “The Agony in The Garden”

Body, Minds and Spirit: Connecting the Disconnected!

This morning, this article was staring at me in the face as I took my usual morning supplements. It is an article from the Herald, The Catholic Weekly, given free (donations encouraged) in Malaysian Churches. It gives me yet another reason to love our Pope! 🙌🏻 😇 The first paragraph sums it all. "A lifestyle … Continue reading Body, Minds and Spirit: Connecting the Disconnected!

A New Godfather!

4th Jan 2018 On this day, in the eyes of my Lord, I officially recognise my new Godfather! 🙏🏻😇 This time around, it was the Godson who chose the Godparent haha 😂 O how God continued to work in such mysterious ways! 🙌🏻 2 months ago, I was searching for naturopathic doctors to job-shadow in … Continue reading A New Godfather!

Christian Meditation: A Centering Prayer

I've tried many ... many ... many kinds of meditation from the most common "focus on your breathing" yoga-style ones to Wim-Hoff breath-hold meditations to using apps like Headspace's guided meditation and much more. They're all good and work in their own ways to benefit your mind and soul by teaching you how to stay … Continue reading Christian Meditation: A Centering Prayer

Spirituality: Composing Prayers/Poems Because I Could Not Sleep!

For the past couple of weeks, I've been experiencing a slow but steady build up of spiritual fervour. I'm not sure if fervour is the right word... maybe zeal? Ardour? But definitely somewhere along those lines. This comes from recent experiences that have reinforced and strengthened my faith. Now, more than ever, I truly, firmly, … Continue reading Spirituality: Composing Prayers/Poems Because I Could Not Sleep!

A Lesson On Faith

Admittedly, these past few months have been very trying for me. Many times I've lost faith and hope and constantly questioned God. These paragraphs in this week's Bulletin struck out to me and in a way was a good lesson on faith and peace. "If you want answers to some of life's questions, be at peace: … Continue reading A Lesson On Faith