Fruit and the Human Brain

Recently I've been on a roll of watching Ted talks on YouTube. This started because I wanted to maximize the 2 hours or more time I spend almost everyday in the kitchen cooking¬†ūüėÖ And because I've started going Vegan quite recently too, I've been fascinated by the talks related to veganism and our health and … Continue reading Fruit and the Human Brain


The Wise Traditions Diet

Dietary experiments, opinions, recommendations and advice for everyone! (not just those with autoimmunity)

Diet: Eating According to Traditional Wisdom

Characteristics of traditional diets, as well as some easy to follow nutritional guidelines on the dietary wisdom that gave 'primitive' people their well-developed physiques and kept them free from the physical degeneration most of our population experience with age today!

IBD & Crohn’s: 4 Step Healing Plan

Recently a friend of mine with Crohn's had another flare up and approached me for advice regarding how to lower inflammation naturally and prevent future flare ups. I've been meaning to read up more about Crohn's and similar Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) and so took this opportunity to do just that. In the process, I've … Continue reading IBD & Crohn’s: 4 Step Healing Plan

More Raw Foods and Salads!

One thing I've come to realise is that, as Asians, most of our diet consists of cooked vegetables, meat and rice. Less emphasis is placed on raw foods, fermented foods and salads. This is where we might be lacking in important nutrients, fibre (prebiotics) and beneficial bacteria (probiotics).¬† Hence since recovering from my recent episode … Continue reading More Raw Foods and Salads!

Homework-turned-blogpost: Life-Changing Lecture – The Origins and Evolution of the Western Diet

"As I've previously mentioned, module 4 started me on this quest to find out exactly what kind of diet humans have evolved to eat over the millenniums. Finally! I think I may have found the answer.¬†This is a lecture by Professor Loren Cordain about the origins and evolution of the western diet. It is¬†about an … Continue reading Homework-turned-blogpost: Life-Changing Lecture – The Origins and Evolution of the Western Diet

Homework-turned-blogpost: Unreliable Scientific Data

"Another interesting video about how we have been misled to believe that Fats are bad for us. How distinguished scientists cherry pick their data to support their own hypotheses. How the media, politics, marketing and institutions all played a role in promoting their own agendas centered about profit and funding. How nutritional scientists jumped on … Continue reading Homework-turned-blogpost: Unreliable Scientific Data

Homework turned Blog-post: NTR320 Intro

To save time and not waste the hours of effort I've already put into these homework assignments, I shall be posting my assignments on this blog for anyone's reading pleasure and hopefully, some extra education which can then be passed on. ūüôā "Hi everyone, before I write about myself, I just wanna say that the … Continue reading Homework turned Blog-post: NTR320 Intro

What diet are humans designed for?

Last week's module was ¬†on the changing view of Bodyweight, dieting and disordered eating. We delved deep into the Hippocratic methods for weight loss, the origins of BMI (Quetelet Index), President Taft's diet, the history of seemingly 'miraculous' Fasting Girls who went for months and years on end without food or water and finally about … Continue reading What diet are humans designed for?

Weekly Grocery Run: Sprouts 

From today's ¬†weekly grocery shopping @ Sprouts! Organic Valley Eggnog $4.39 Organic virgin unrefined coconut oil ¬†$14 Littlehouse Chunky Blue Cheese dressing & dip ¬†$4 Himalayan coarse pink salt ¬†$4.79 Organic valley pasture-raised unsalted cultured butter (1lb) ¬†$6.29 Organic valley pasture-raised cream cheese ¬†$3.79 Amy‚Äôs Gluten free rice mac & cheese ¬†$3 6 bunches Green … Continue reading Weekly Grocery Run: Sprouts¬†