Homeopathic herb Doses for emotions

Recently I've been experimenting with very minute doses (1-3 drops) of herbs for their emotional benefits. I've been 'spiking' my family's drinking water with our herb blend Phyto-Xin. The main herb is Rose and we use this for all kinds of emotional stress ranging from daily work stress to grief. Rose can help open your … Continue reading Homeopathic herb Doses for emotions

Smiling :) aka The Emotional ‘Cure-All’

https://www.instagram.com/p/CLVb4c1F-Pg/ The simple act of Smiling can give you instantaneous relief from any emotional turmoil. Don't believe me? Try smiling. Right now. Next try adding some grateful thoughts like: "I am thankful for my health.I am grateful for a house to return to,... for a family that cares for me,... for the many blessings I … Continue reading Smiling 🙂 aka The Emotional ‘Cure-All’