Healthy Plate: Carbohydrates

My definitive guide to Carbs. #longtimecoming #nutritionseries #healthyplate

Fruit and the Human Brain

Recently I've been on a roll of watching Ted talks on YouTube. This started because I wanted to maximize the 2 hours or more time I spend almost everyday in the kitchen cooking 😅 And because I've started going Vegan quite recently too, I've been fascinated by the talks related to veganism and our health and … Continue reading Fruit and the Human Brain

Fruit Spotlight: Jackfruits!

I recently discovered how delicious Jackfruits are after my dad brought some home one day. To me, the flesh is soft, smooth, slightly sweet, aromatic and has a kind of milky, silky texture to it. It tastes a little like a cross between a Mango and Melon! 😋 My favourite way of eating them is … Continue reading Fruit Spotlight: Jackfruits!

How To Wash Foods to Turn Them Almost “Organic”!

Sometimes, going 100% organic can be very expensive. Especially in Singapore where organic can be upwards of 10x the non-organic produce price. Here's a simple trick to wash your veggies and fruits to get rid of most of the pesticides, herbicides, dirt, bugs, mould and anything nasty you cant see and dont wanna eat! 1⃣ … Continue reading How To Wash Foods to Turn Them Almost “Organic”!