Sore Throat home Remedy

This is a simple home remedy for sore throats during this time of pandemic: Garlic, 4-5 bulbs rawOnions, 1 small bulb, rawGinger, about 1-2 thumb sizes, rawSea salt, about 1 tspRaw honey, 3 tbspLime/lemons, 4-6 small limes or 1 lemonWater, about 1L 1) Chop finely the raw garlic, onions and ginger 2) Add water, sea … Continue reading Sore Throat home Remedy

Starting Practice: My Practitioner Focus

Hi everyone, its been a long time since I've updated the blog. I have recently completed a year long apprenticeship with my mentor Sebastian Liew. Hence I am now seeing patients and focusing on the following AutoimmunityChildren's healthCommon ailments - cough, colds, sore throat, runny nose, flu, etc.Joint problems - arthritis, osteoporosis  Metabolic issues – … Continue reading Starting Practice: My Practitioner Focus

What is Herbal Medicine (Phytotherapy)?

‘Herbal medicine’ is the therapeutic use of plant preparations to prevent disease, enhance health and alleviate suffering. [1] A huge part of my degree involved Herbal Medicine.(BNHM = Bachelor of Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine. Basically a degree in Naturopathy but specializing in Herbal Medicine) But what is it? Herbal Medicine is also known as ‘Plant … Continue reading What is Herbal Medicine (Phytotherapy)?

Black Beans Lotus Root Mushroom Soup

This is a revered Chinese tonic soup due to its high nutritional value. And my dad's secret for prolonging grey hair! He makes a large pot almost every week for the family. Ingredients and Instructions Soak the black beans overnightWash, clean and cut the lotus and shiitakeAdd them all in one pot and bring to … Continue reading Black Beans Lotus Root Mushroom Soup

Suppressing Symptoms?

Unless it’s a life threatening condition, often the suppression of symptoms with medication like NSAIDs or Paracetamol might be doing more harm than good. Have you considered maybe the symptoms are part of our body's natural healing processes? And that interfering with them might lead to more problems in the future? A fever is a … Continue reading Suppressing Symptoms?

Dengue Fever: A simple and natural Treatment

At a glance: Papaya leaves have been traditionally used to treat DengueSeveral studies have demonstrated its efficacy in dengue treatment, primarily improving platelet count from dengue induced thrombocytopeniaAs little as 50g of fresh papaya leaves, crushed/squeezed to extract the juice and drunk once a day for 3 days was enough to produce significant effects, along … Continue reading Dengue Fever: A simple and natural Treatment

Naturopathy and Seasonal Allergies: Year 2!

Its my second year in New Zealand and I am currently also experiencing my second winter! ❄ It seems like coming from a tropical country, my body is not apt at dealing with changing seasons, especially when it starts to get cold. Last year when the weather turned, I started experiencing swollen and itchy fingers … Continue reading Naturopathy and Seasonal Allergies: Year 2!

A New Godfather!

4th Jan 2018 On this day, in the eyes of my Lord, I officially recognise my new Godfather! 🙏🏻😇 This time around, it was the Godson who chose the Godparent haha 😂 O how God continued to work in such mysterious ways! 🙌🏻 2 months ago, I was searching for naturopathic doctors to job-shadow in … Continue reading A New Godfather!

Finding a New Sport through Divine Intervention?

😍 I think I’ve found my new favourite outdoor activity!🏄🏻‍♂️ What better way to get some ‘relaxing’ exercise while appreciating and savouring the wonders of God’s creation than at the beach and ‘standing on water’ haha 😊 #standuppaddle - I imagine this is also a good activity to keep your mind alert and prevent age-related … Continue reading Finding a New Sport through Divine Intervention?

Coltsfoot Tea and Marshmallow Extract for Persistent Dry Cough

When I was a kid, I had childhood asthma and the doctors were always quick to prescribe cough syrups and inhalers. Although these were strong, quick and effective remedies, over the years, I realized that they may have weakened my bronchial structures (air passages). As a result, every time I caught a cough, it would … Continue reading Coltsfoot Tea and Marshmallow Extract for Persistent Dry Cough