My first Public Herbal Class!

I will be giving my first public herbal class on our top herbs for stress, aging and age-related diseases! Do share with your family/friends! 🙂 Title: "Is Your Stress Killing You?" Date: 2 June 2022, Thursday, 10am Available first on our Telegram Channel: (Pls display name and number when joining) Follow us & sign … Continue reading My first Public Herbal Class!

Faith, not Fear

I’ve observed that many negative emotions stem from #fear WorryAnxietyJealouslyAnger to name a few Negative emotions often lead to disease, ill health and broken relationships. How can we break this vicious cycle? What is the opposite of Fear? You guessed it. Faith. What if we decided to focus our thoughts and energy on Faith? I … Continue reading Faith, not Fear

Body, Minds and Spirit: Connecting the Disconnected!

This morning, this article was staring at me in the face as I took my usual morning supplements. It is an article from the Herald, The Catholic Weekly, given free (donations encouraged) in Malaysian Churches. It gives me yet another reason to love our Pope! 🙌🏻 😇 The first paragraph sums it all. "A lifestyle … Continue reading Body, Minds and Spirit: Connecting the Disconnected!