Hope & Health

Sharing a quote that struck me recently from the book Radical Remission by Kelly Turner PhD. I would add that it works the other away around too. "He who has hope, can have health. Even if he has lost it, hope can bring it back." Positivity. Faith. Trust. Surrender. Gratitude. Spirituality. ~ Just some ways … Continue reading Hope & Health

Finding Rainbows

Winter in Auckland can be wet, cold and miserable. I often feel lonely, homesick, depressed and unmotivated. However almost daily, God sends rainbows. Almost as a reminder to me that there is always something beautiful in all the difficulties and trials you experience. That maybe these cold, dark times produce¬†miracles. Certainly few things can be … Continue reading Finding Rainbows

A Lesson On Faith

Admittedly, these past few months have been very trying for me. Many times I've lost faith and hope and constantly questioned God. These paragraphs in this week's Bulletin¬†struck out to me and in a way was a good lesson on faith and peace. "If you want answers to some of life's questions, be at peace: … Continue reading A Lesson On Faith