Dolphine Pose

Learnt a new yoga pose today - Dolphine Pose! This takes planks to a whole new level of core and quad engagement. While a normal plank may simply be just pushing your hips up and keeping your body in line, the Dolphine Pose requires you to lengthern through your entire posterior chain. You have to try … Continue reading Dolphine Pose


W6D4 – Aerobic + Power Endurance 

Hours of Sleep: 3 (3:00-7:00) Sleep quality: 6/10 HRV: 79 Notes: Tried sleeping at 00:00 but couldn't. After an hour of frustration, I went about reading, doing some OSM and SMR and coming up with more ideas for the blog. I could have continued staying like this but at 2:30, I thought maybe it's time … Continue reading W6D4 – Aerobic + Power Endurance 


Yesterday (W3D7) was supposed to be my rest day but how could I rest when The Fitness Extremist jio-ed me to a fitness exhibition by SuperFit? 😄 so I pushed rest day to today. Besides, today was also the day we planned to go Johor Bahru! It was a day to remember! First, we ate noodles before … Continue reading W4D1 – REST

W3D6 – Strength

CALISTHENICS/KETTLEBELL  WU: 750m loaded carry with 16kg kettlebell + dynamic swinging 2 sets AMRAP (Reps in brackets) circuit-style with minimal rest between exercises:  Kettlebell swing (50, 50) Pushups (20, 20) Jumping lunges (20, 20,) Reclined rows (20, 20,) Leg lifts (10, 10) Consecutive Mountain climbers to elbow + followed by alternate elbow (10+5, 20) Calf … Continue reading W3D6 – Strength

W3D2 – Strength

Calisthenics / Kettlebell 3 sets AMRAP (Reps in brackets) done in a circuit: Bodyweight pushups (15, 12, 12) Reclined bodyweight rows (15, 15, 15) Lunges with leg on bench behind (10, 12, 12) Hanging leg lifts (8, 8, 9) Cross-body mountain climbers - consecutive to opposite elbow then consecutively laterally to the outside of same … Continue reading W3D2 – Strength