Foot Reflexology

(Instagram Repost) Have you heard of reflexology? It’s based on the TCM theory that body parts, organs and systems are interconnected. So massaging various body parts can confer health benefits to other parts of the body. traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) In TCM, reflexology aims to keep qi (pronounced “chee” aka “vital force”) flowing smoothly throughout … Continue reading Foot Reflexology

Your Daily Dose of “Green Medicine”

Even though you’re in lockdown, don’t forget to get your daily dose of “green” medicine that is equally, if not as important as supplements and drugs for your immunity. These include:☀️ Sunshine🌬 Fresh air🍂Nature🤸🏻‍♂️ Physical activity 🍲 Nutritious whole foods🥰 Pleasant social interactions Photos from this morning's 15-min hill sprints 🏃🏻‍♂️ Once a week I … Continue reading Your Daily Dose of “Green Medicine”

Investigating Anaemia, High Cholesterol and Singaporean Diet/Lifestyle Comparison

In the previous post, I wrote about how my lab results showed that I was still anaemic and had abnormally high cholesterol levels after going "carnivore" for 40 days. This post will cover a follow up lab investigation on the anaemia, high cholesterol and how I felt being back on a regular 'Singaporean' diet and … Continue reading Investigating Anaemia, High Cholesterol and Singaporean Diet/Lifestyle Comparison

Lesson from History: Ancient cultures, philosophers and medical practices

I haven't had much time to blog recently due to my inability to manage time as efficiently as I would like to. So I am jumping on the opportunity to shoot two birds with one bullet by utilizing my homework assignment as another informative blog post. This one is for the first week of this online course I … Continue reading Lesson from History: Ancient cultures, philosophers and medical practices

W10D4 – Barbell Destruction

“Only he who can see the invisible can do the impossible.” – Frank L. Gaines 830AM - Barbell Complex Barbell Weight: 65lb / ~30kg 4 Sets of 5-10 reps per exercise Minimal rest after each set. 1. Hanging Power Clean 2. Front Squats 3. Power Snatch 4. Back Squat 5. Power Press 6. Drop Lunge … Continue reading W10D4 – Barbell Destruction

International Breakfast

"It's not a diet. It's called eating healthy."  Our clique of international students has grown from just Singaporeans to include people from the States, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Sweden, Turkey, Denmark, France, S.Africa and Australia! That's where I got my inspiration this morning when rummaging through the refrigerator 😄 Cage-free organic fed eggs Nitrate-free smoked turkey breast … Continue reading International Breakfast

Salsa Flavored Chicken Leftovers + Guilt-Free Ice-Cream!

 "No one is born a great cook. One learns by doing." - Julia Child Found a bottle of all-natural salsa so hey, why not add it to my leftovers-dinner? 🙂 Definitely a  slightly spicy but still, terribly tasty meal! Ingredients: Brown rice (cooked on Sunday) Baked Broccoli, capsicum and kale (~300°F) Dried plain Seaweed + … Continue reading Salsa Flavored Chicken Leftovers + Guilt-Free Ice-Cream!

Random Exercise Idea: Wall Hamstring Curls!

Woke up, looked at the wall and had a Eureka moment. Wall Hamstring Curls!!! 💪🏻Get as close to the wall as possible 💪🏻Prop Feet up 💪🏻Imagine using your heels to pull your butt towards your ankles 💪🏻Try single leg curls for extra challenge! Some people have an imbalance in strength between their Quadriceps(front of thigh) … Continue reading Random Exercise Idea: Wall Hamstring Curls!

W5D6 – Met Con 

AM: Fasted easy run 20 mins easy, ~ 1.12 Miles 30 Burpees 15 pullups Still learning to run again, glad to be able to run continuously. Legs are still slowly getting used to the pounding. Stopped often to take pictures and admire the scenery. PM: Met Con  8 rounds of: 10 Burpees 10 Tire thrusters with … Continue reading W5D6 – Met Con 

W5D4 – Lactate Threshold + Met Con

AM Learning to Run again 10 x 1' jogging / 30" rest SMR + Yoga PM   1. Swimming  200m - 300m - 500m / 1' rest Target pace: 2'03" / 100m (from last week's CSS test) Timings: 200m - 4'03" 300m - 6'06" 500m - 10'27" Reflection:  Swam the 200 & 300m too fast... … Continue reading W5D4 – Lactate Threshold + Met Con