"Lungwort is an old European lung remedy, useful for cough by reducing irritation and helping to allay chronic cough hacking and wheezing. I used it very well for chronic asthmatic patients worsened by humid weather (Singapore?). Herbalists included lungwort in formulas for tuberculosis, bronchitis, whooping cough, and lung infections. Lungwort 是一種古老的歐洲肺藥,可通過減少刺激和幫助緩解慢性咳嗽和喘息來治療咳嗽。我將它很好地用於因潮濕天氣而惡化的慢性哮喘患者(新加坡?)。 西方草藥師在治療肺結核、支氣管炎、百日咳和肺部感染的配方中加入Lungwort" - Dr Sebastian … Continue reading Lungwort