Enduring Endurance!

“If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” - Bruce Lee W11D5 - Kettlebell Friday 7am - Trail Run  Distance: 3.4Miles … Continue reading Enduring Endurance!


DisneyLand, California Adventure and LA County Fair Travel Workouts

W10D5 - Active Rest  Greasing the Groove Location: Disneyland - Done throughout the day, 1 set a time for max reps (not to extreme failure) - Whenever I felt like it or found a bar or similar equipment - Yes, that includes doing dips while waiting in line for a ride 😉 Dips Pullups Front … Continue reading DisneyLand, California Adventure and LA County Fair Travel Workouts

W7D1 – Aerobic + Strength

 Hours of Sleep: 6 (0100-0700) Sleep quality: 9/10 HRV: 78 Notes: Slept like a baby. Wonder if my normal sleep cycle is returning... AM - Aerobic  'Wake-me-up' Morning Trail Run:  Time: 20 mins Distance: 1.34 Miles Average pace: 13.5 min/mile HR: 162 ~ 185 (75 - 86% based on new max HR recorded on W6D6) … Continue reading W7D1 – Aerobic + Strength

W7D2 – Endurance (Aerobic + Strength) 

Hours of sleep: 2 (2330~0130)Sleep quality: 9/10 HRV: 65 😱😱😱 Notes: Back to some more good quality biohacked sleep! Slept so well and woke up naturally at 0130am. This gave me so much productive time to catch up on blogging, YouTube-ing, instagramming and face booking! In other words, I feel like I'm extending my life … Continue reading W7D2 – Endurance (Aerobic + Strength) 

W6D1 – Power MetCon

Hours of sleep: 6  Sleep quality: 8/10 HRV: 83 Slept much more last night despite taking the day off. Highest HRV recorded so far! So the active rest day really works huh 🙂 AM: SMR + Cycle Whole Body Self Myofascial Release (SMR) Order of Muscles hit: Bottom-Up. (Feet to neck muscles) Total time: 1 … Continue reading W6D1 – Power MetCon

W5D6 – Met Con 

AM: Fasted easy run 20 mins easy, ~ 1.12 Miles 30 Burpees 15 pullups Still learning to run again, glad to be able to run continuously. Legs are still slowly getting used to the pounding. Stopped often to take pictures and admire the scenery. PM: Met Con  8 rounds of: 10 Burpees 10 Tire thrusters with … Continue reading W5D6 – Met Con 

W5D4 – Lactate Threshold + Met Con

AM Learning to Run again 10 x 1' jogging / 30" rest SMR + Yoga PM   1. Swimming  200m - 300m - 500m / 1' rest Target pace: 2'03" / 100m (from last week's CSS test) Timings: 200m - 4'03" 300m - 6'06" 500m - 10'27" Reflection:  Swam the 200 & 300m too fast... … Continue reading W5D4 – Lactate Threshold + Met Con

W4D6 – Power + Met Con

Power workout (Reps in brackets) Bodyweight Muscle ups (3,3,3 tries, not all successful) X/Clap push-ups (20 inclined,10,10 flat) Barbell thrusters 30kg (6,6,6) Dead lifts 60kg (6,6,6) 2-3 minutes rest between sets Barbell Complex Met Con Workout 30kg x 5 reps of: Deadlift Bent over Rows Front squats Thrusters Calf raisers Push-up 3 sets, no rest. … Continue reading W4D6 – Power + Met Con

W4D3 – Strength & Met Con

Weights / Gym Finish one exercise then move on, rest as long as needed. (Reps in brackets) Jefferson Deadlift, 60kg (6L-7R-10L-6R) Dips, body weight (8-8-9-12-14) Front racked Squats, 40kg (6-7-8-8) Weighted pull-ups, 10kg (bodyweight:26, 5-6-6) Met Con Workout  Circuit workout with no rest! 3 sets of 1min per exercise: Alternate medicine ball archer push-ups Seated … Continue reading W4D3 – Strength & Met Con