Lessons from a Nutritionist (Part 3)

I guess its high time I stop procrastinating and wrap up this series of posts. This time I'm covering the specific supplements Dr.John prescribed for me as well as summarizing the major lessons learnt. Supplements: 1. Wobenzym N (Garden of Life) This is a systemic enzyme support supplement designed to "assist the body’s various regulatory and … Continue reading Lessons from a Nutritionist (Part 3)


Lessons from a Nutritionist (Part 2)

The following are what I learnt from my consultation with John Lynn, Nutritionist at Healthystars SG. I have yet to validate some of these for relevance and truth but most of them make sense and so I have begun implementing them in daily life.   Advice on... 1. Consuming Chemicals Next he started highlighting all the … Continue reading Lessons from a Nutritionist (Part 2)

Lessons from a Nutritionist (Part 1)

Last month, taking the advice from a friend, I sought the professional advice of Healthystars' Nutritionist John Lynn. I had a flare up of my arthritis related autoimmune disease in January and this caused severe pain in my feet, left knee, hip and spine. By April, the pain was getting progressively worse to the point where I was limping with … Continue reading Lessons from a Nutritionist (Part 1)