What happens to your waste?

Question: where does your waste go? šŸ—‘ Does it end up in a pile, on a landfill in some other country, becoming someone elseā€™s problem? Last night the @theorganicmc hosted another #ommovienight featuring the acclaimed documentary ā€œLiving the Changeā€ about New Zealanders making a difference through the sustainable business or lives they lead. šŸŽ„ Here's … Continue reading What happens to your waste?


When Kombucha is as good as Wine!

2 weeks ago, our Lavender Blackcurrant flavored Kombucha was one of the 6 locally crafted artisanal beverages featured in a food and beverage pairing event called the Imbibe Tribe. Essentially, this event was like a gathering of foodies and local craft beverage companies to taste and enjoy the food pairings as well as share knowledge … Continue reading When Kombucha is as good as Wine!

What Values Do You Live By?

Here are some excellent examples from the Organic MechanicĀ that I found pasted on the back of the restroom door of their headquarters. Does any of the above resonate with you? Think about it, write it down, journal your thoughts. Integrate it in your life. This is my gift to you today.

Singapore-Vegan ‘Nasi Lemak’

So the Organic Mechanic had a potluck lunch today and I decided to bring something from home to the table. My parents visited me recently and left me some rice. I was gonna do a simple fried rice at first but then thought about a local Singaporean-Malaysian favorite I haven't had in ages - Nasi … Continue reading Singapore-Vegan ‘Nasi Lemak’

Flows, Synchronicities and Job Hunting

I don't know about you but personal experience has taught me that things don't just happen for no reason. Some people call it flow. Some call it synchronicity. I'm a man of God so I call it God's plan. Whatever you call it, I'm sure there have been events in your life that happen for … Continue reading Flows, Synchronicities and Job Hunting

NZ Spirit Festival 2018

I had no idea what this festival was about when I purchased the tickets to it one day before the event! All I knew was that Serge, my movement coach, would be conducting a class on both mornings and I wanted to attend it. Later on, I also found out my new friendĀ Graedon from the … Continue reading NZ Spirit Festival 2018