"Rose has a great affinity for the heart and love - Goddess of beauty Venus in Greek mythology and the Virgin Mary in Christian culture. According to ancient teachings, the heart was the soul and the seat of emotions. Modern research studies such as Heart Math have confirmed what was taught by the old doctors … Continue reading Rose

Herbs can heal your heart

Can taking a herbal extract heal you emotionally? You'll have to try it to believe it. Even a low dose of 10 drops in water can 'open your heart' to love yourself and others better. I have heard many healing stories of clients who took our Phyto-Xin® for emotional issues. Its effects are almost instantaneous … Continue reading Herbs can heal your heart

Homeopathic herb Doses for emotions

Recently I've been experimenting with very minute doses (1-3 drops) of herbs for their emotional benefits. I've been 'spiking' my family's drinking water with our herb blend Phyto-Xin. The main herb is Rose and we use this for all kinds of emotional stress ranging from daily work stress to grief. Rose can help open your … Continue reading Homeopathic herb Doses for emotions