Fueling an Ultra (Part 2)

Part 1 of this two-series post covered the nutrition plan for Turbo Jack, The Fitness Extremist, who recently completed the Singapore 200 Miles (320km) Ultramarathon  around Singapore in 76 Hours and 58 minutes while achieving 2nd place overall! Once again, CONGRATULATIONS buddy! For Jack's full race-report, click here. In summary, I advised him to eat more whole foods … Continue reading Fueling an Ultra (Part 2)

Fueling an Ultra (Part 1)

My dear friend Jack aka The Fitness Extremist will be attempting the Singapore 200 Mile (320km) Ultramarathon from 6th-8th August 2016. He has enlisted me to help him plan his race nutrition. This is what I've come up with so far. If you're reading this and are an experienced ultra-runner, please feel free to include your recommendations … Continue reading Fueling an Ultra (Part 1)

W10D3 – Chasing Bunnies and Coyotes

"We lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there too..." - http://www.trail-running.eu 6PM - Desert trail Run Distance: 5 Miles Time: 55mins Notes: Took about 20mins for my legs to warm up sufficiently but after that, I felt like I was flying! Best trail run so far. Ankle feels so much better … Continue reading W10D3 – Chasing Bunnies and Coyotes


"Accept the days when running seems impossible. Embrace the days when running seems effortless." - Anon 7AM - Aerobic Endurance  Easy Trail Run Time: 30min Distance: 2.6 Miles Notes: First time back on the trails after a little more than 1 week's break. Ankle much better now but still have to be extra careful! Took … Continue reading W9D3

W5D2 – Strength

AM 1. Learning to Run again 5' Brisk Walking 6 x 45" Jogging 45" Walking 2 x 1' Jogging 1' Walking Reflection: Started out on the concrete track but felt the impact was too much so I shifted to the grass beside the track. Some minor pains in my ankle and knee but ignored that … Continue reading W5D2 – Strength