Black Beans Lotus Root Mushroom Soup

This is a revered Chinese tonic soup due to its high nutritional value. And my dad's secret for prolonging grey hair! He makes a large pot almost every week for the family. Ingredients and Instructions Soak the black beans overnightWash, clean and cut the lotus and shiitakeAdd them all in one pot and bring to … Continue reading Black Beans Lotus Root Mushroom Soup


Red-as Tomato Beetroot Soup!

Eating like a (vegetable) king! 🤴😁 Fresh off a grocery run, again I couldn’t resist adding a bit of every veggie I had in the fridge! 🥦 This tomato soup had overnight soaked mixed beans and grains, broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, beetroot, ginger, garlic, kale, chinese cabbage, and coriander. That can of tomatoes though... made that … Continue reading Red-as Tomato Beetroot Soup!