Hope & Health

Sharing a quote that struck me recently from the book Radical Remission by Kelly Turner PhD. I would add that it works the other away around too. "He who has hope, can have health. Even if he has lost it, hope can bring it back." Positivity. Faith. Trust. Surrender. Gratitude. Spirituality. ~ Just some ways … Continue reading Hope & Health

Let Go, Detach, Surrender.

Ancient themes in recent days. "Attachment is the root of all suffering" Buddha I’ve learnt that true healing and transformation requires an act of surrender, of letting go. Letting go of fearLetting go of egoLetting go of prideLetting go of insecuritiesLetting go of emotionsLetting go of past traumaLetting go of grievances & grudgesLetting go of … Continue reading Let Go, Detach, Surrender.

Christian Meditation: A Centering Prayer

I've tried many ... many ... many kinds of meditation from the most common "focus on your breathing" yoga-style ones to Wim-Hoff breath-hold meditations to using apps like Headspace's guided meditation and much more. They're all good and work in their own ways to benefit your mind and soul by teaching you how to stay … Continue reading Christian Meditation: A Centering Prayer