Fueling an Ultra (Part 2)

Part 1 of this two-series post covered the nutrition plan for Turbo Jack, The Fitness Extremist, who recently completed the Singapore 200 Miles (320km) Ultramarathon  around Singapore in 76 Hours and 58 minutes while achieving 2nd place overall! Once again, CONGRATULATIONS buddy! For Jack's full race-report, click here. In summary, I advised him to eat more whole foods … Continue reading Fueling an Ultra (Part 2)


Fueling an Ultra (Part 1)

My dear friend Jack aka The Fitness Extremist will be attempting the Singapore 200 Mile (320km) Ultramarathon from 6th-8th August 2016. He has enlisted me to help him plan his race nutrition. This is what I've come up with so far. If you're reading this and are an experienced ultra-runner, please feel free to include your recommendations … Continue reading Fueling an Ultra (Part 1)

The Fitness Extremist’s Summer Workout Program!

Check out The Fitness Extremist! One of my best pals and uber-fit calisthenic, cross-fitting, ultramarathoning, kettlebell swinging extremist! The Fitness Extremist's Summer Workout Program! Follow this program and you will be whipped into shape this summer 😄